Ways to relax and unwind at home

The most common cause of stress is work, but there are many other daily activities and encounters that can leave one feeling overwhelmed and anxious. It is highly important to have a peaceful home environment to return to every evening where this stress can be shed. If left undealt with, stress can lead to more serious health issues, such as depression, high blood pressure and cardiac ailments.

Making an effort at home to reduce stress every day is a good way to improve physical and mental well-being. The key is to set aside some time every evening for yourself so that you can focus on self-care and relaxation. Whether this is time to exercise or for a simple bubble bath, find something that helps you to wind down and take your mind off your worries.

If you are under a lot of pressure at work and feeling the effects of stress, you should try to take some time off work. Taking a break and travelling out of town for a weekend is sometimes enough to reset your mental state. If a vacation or time off work is not possible, here are five ways to relax at home:

  1. Do something you enjoy energy evening

    Relaxation can be as simple as picking your feet up, laying down and doing something that distracts your mind from stress. Try reading a good book or listening to calming music. A funny tv show is also effective. Things that don’t always work as distractions include reading the news and scrolling through social media, as these activities can actually cause stress. Laying on the sofa and just doing nothing can be therapeutic after a fast-paced day of work.

  2. Have a relaxing bath and pamper yourself

    Treat yourself to a luxurious bubble bath and pamper your skin and body afterwards. Create your own spa-like experience at home, complete with candles and soothing music. You don’t have to pay for expensive spas and massages to reap the therapeutic benefits of these experiences. Buy some lavender-scented body lotions and essential oils and use these after a bath. These smells have been proven to have relaxing effects on the mind. 

  3. Don’t forget about your face

    While you’re creating your own serene space at home, don’t forget to look after your face. Stress is a large contributor to acne. Steam your face over a bowl of boiling water and apply face cleansers and moisturiser afterwards. This will help to cleanse your pores, restore your natural complexion and rejuvenate your skin, leaving you feel fresh, clean and relaxed.

  4. Relax with meditation or self-reflection

    Set aside 15 minutes every night for quiet time where you can meditate or self-reflect. Use this time to think positively and be grateful for your blessings. Quiet time is an effective way to de-stress and think happy thoughts. This can reduce anxiety and improve your mental well-being. Self-reflection can also be a great way to establish inner-peace and let go of any external pressures. You will feel revitalised and have more energy to deal with work the next day.

  5. Drink a hot beverage

    Hot drinks have therapeutic effects on the body and mind. Tea and coffee are two of the most popular hot drinks around the world. They can both help to minimise stress and should be enjoyed while pampering yourself every evening. Try drinking chamomile tea before bed to help you relax and fall asleep. Coffee is a stimulant so it may not improve your sleep, but it also affects every individual differently, so do what works for you.

These five ways to relax at home will help you to improve your mental health and minimise the effects of stress on your body. Try to do these activities every night after work. They will help to prevent the onset of depression, anxiety and other medical conditions related to stress. Spend time looking after yourself and the results will be tangible.


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Written by Joshua Oates

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