Ways to repair water damaged gypsum board ceilings

Damaged ceilings are likely to happen after a long period of time, especially if the roof leaks when it rains. Most homes have gypsum board ceilings, also known as drywall, which can be damaged through daily wear and tear or water leakages. This causes the ceiling panels to droop and become discoloured. 

Water damaged gypsum board ceilings can make your home look old and run down. It is important to fix these issues quickly as leaving it can often make the problem worse. Luckily, it’s an easy task – all you need is some common tools, materials and a few tips from someone in the industry

Steps to repair water damaged gypsum board ceilings

Step 1

If the ceiling has been water damaged, it will often sag down. Press the gypsum board up against the joist and secure it tightly along the seam with drywall nails or screws driven into the center of the joist.

Step 2

Water can bleed through normal primer. In order to prevent these stains from reappearing, use a brush to coat on some restoration primer. It is specifically designed to stop tough stains that can be found from water damage. 

Step 3

Once the primer has been applied, use a thick roller to apply the same colour paint as your ceiling to ensure that the repaired area cannot be seen. The repair job is as simple as that!

If the ceiling panel is too damaged or if it has completely rotten away, then the whole panel will need to be removed and replaced. In this case, you may require assistance or advice from a professional gypsum board supplier or a contractor.


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