Ways to solve network issues with SD-WAN

A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) should be the standard for businesses and their networks. SD-WAN is not only more efficient and cost-effective than a traditional WAN, but it also comes with greater security features and the ability to autonomously determine the optimum route for network traffic.

There are companies in Africa, such as SEACOM Business, that can set up SD-WAN for your business. Large companies with several branches or offices will benefit significantly from this technology. It boosts a business network’s efficiency, security, simplicity and cost-effectiveness. SD-WAN solutions give you complete network visibility and control, boosting user experience and network security. Here are a few issues that SD-WAN addresses.

The quality of the network connection

The automatic routing of network traffic through the most optimal connections is one of SD-WAN’s main functionalities. Consumers are routed through cost-effective connections, which saves money for businesses. This solution also eliminates the need for expensive and difficult-to-maintain private lines.

In addition, SD-WAN drastically improves connection quality and enables you to use a range of connectivity options, such as ADSL, LTE, and fibre optics. It is a well-rounded solution for enterprises that have existing WANs, acting as the logical upgrade to these outdated networking solutions.

Underlay and overlay networks are the foundation of SD-WAN

All linked devices are connected to the central software via an underlay network. The virtual private network (VPN) of the SD-WAN is housed in an overlay network. With this hybrid design, changes to the underlay layout can be made without affecting the overlay.

If a new device is added or an existing link’s IP address is updated, no changes to the overlay VPN network are required. Fibre connectivity for the underlay and overlay components improve network performance and communication speeds between devices, data centres, and central software.

Companies can use multiple links from different carriers

Another issue that SD-WAN solves is compatibility. When several network carriers are used, it can create problems for business networks. If one carrier encounters problems, SD-WAN will automatically route network traffic over a functioning link from another carrier.

Since a corporation may receive many invoices from different carriers, the IT management team must keep track of billing. The SD-WAN provider will be able to take over businesses’ SD-WAN operations, simplifying the process. As a managed service provider, SEACOM Business is able to deliver a single bill for each contract period.

These are just a handful of the major issues that SD-WAN can assist large companies in addressing. Despite the fact that this cutting-edge networking technology is still improving, it is now one of the best network management and architecture solutions available. Make sure that you find a reputable provider when looking for networking solutions.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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