Ways to stop procrastinating

When we stop procrastinating we are essentially taking control back over our own lives. There are few things worse than having a looming task hanging over your head. Here are a few simple tips on how to stop putting things off and feel free!

1)    Nike got it right with their slogan, “JUST DO IT.” Stop making excuses, stop distracting yourself, stop complaining and struggling against yourself and just do the thing.

2)    Stop telling people that you “must make plans to hang out sometime”, if that’s not something you ever actually plan to do. Just be honest. There is no reason to feel guilty.

3)    Stop avoiding issues. When we avoid things they start becoming monsters in our minds. Tackle things that you’d prefer to avoid straight away. You will often surprise yourself at how simple it was to sort out the issue and you’ll feel a million times better without the elephant in the room.

4)    When it comes to exercise and losing weight, stop waiting for a Monday or the beginning of the month. Start immediately, whether it’s the middle of the day or 3 o’clock in the morning. There’s no time better than the present.

5)    Make things more manageable for yourself so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Write a to-do list every day and stick to it. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

6)    Procrastination is a bad habit. And just like any bad habit it can be difficult to break but it’s not impossible. The more you practice proper time management the easier it will become. It’s all about retraining yourself.

7)    Quit placing unrealistic expectations on yourself to be perfect or get things done perfectly. Just get things done.

8)    Stop the negative self-talk and feelings of guilt. Be a good parent to yourself and give yourself pep talks. You can do it!


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Written by Taryn Hill

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