Ways to stop snoring naturally

If you’re tired of getting jabbed in the ribs by an irritated partner or if you are that irritated partner looking for a remedy to cure your loved one of the dreaded nocturnal log sawing, here are a few remedies and tricks to try.

First things first, don’t fall asleep on your back! To avoid rolling over onto your back in the middle of the night you can try using a body pillow. The best position is on your side. Remember to avoid too many pillows that will either prop up your head or tilt it forward.

Being overweight and out of shape can also be a factor when it comes to snoring. Overweight people are nearly 50% more likely to develop snoring problems so you may want to consider shedding a few extra pounds.

Smokers are twice as likely to snore. You should avoid smoking, alcohol within 3-4 hours of going to bed and sleeping pills. You should also avoid dehydration by drinking too many caffeinated drinks and stay as hydrated as possible during the day.

You might also want to try training yourself to breathe through your nose. If you find this difficult due to allergies you can try a nasal corticosteroid spray.

Ensure that you are getting enough hours of sleep. Exhaustion can also lead to snoring because our bodies will crave deeper sleep. Deep sleep means more muscle relaxation which in turn means more snoring.

And we know that this is a rather strange one but research has shown that singing for a small amount of time each day could be beneficial as it strengthens the muscles in your soft palate and upper throat.

Be sure to rule out any serious causes of snoring such as sleep apnea. Call your doctor if you consistently snore heavily and are tired throughout the day, stop breathing or gasp during sleep, and fall asleep at inappropriate times.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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