Ways to Uber safely

Uber is wildly popular around the world and is a fantastic service helping people get from A to B. At the same time, the concept flies in the face of everything we’re taught as children to never talk to strangers, let alone get in their car! There have been a few scary incidents involving Uber drivers in the news so, even though the service is usually safe and reliable, it’s best to keep these safety tips in mind before you book your next ride.

Uber vets all of their driver-partners but you should always follow your intuition when taking a ride with Uber. Make 100% sure that you get into the right car based on the license plate and driver photo. It’s also important that you never take anyone’s word for it if they offer you a ride and claim that they’re an Uber driver. Uber rides can only be requested via the app. You can also view a driver’s rating and can cancel a ride if a low rating concerns you.

Remember that you should never reveal any personal details. If your driver needs to contact you before picking you up they can call you via the app where your mobile number is hidden. The service and link is discontinued shortly after your ride is over.

It’s always best to get into the backseat of your driver’s car to ensure that you can exit on either side of the vehicle if necessary. It also keeps things professional by creating distance between you and your driver.

The moment you get into the car, be sure to share your status with a friend or family member so that they can track your trip. Text your friend/family member once you have arrived safely at your destination.

Be sure to leave feedback regarding any inappropriate conduct so that Uber’s global support team can follow up and take action if necessary. You can also tweet them @Uber_CT, @Uber_Joburg or @Uber_Durban to ask questions or report bad experiences.

Make sure that your phone is always fully charged and that you have enough airtime. It might also be wise to consider having pepper spray or a stun gun with you while you travel. You can never be too careful.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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