Web developers need a good content marketing team

Website development and digital marketing are two interlinked industries that need the support of one another. Web developers ensure that a website runs smoothly and with no glitches, often by fixing bugs in the coding or by designing a fully-functioning site. Digital marketers like us, on the other hand, ensure that the website stays up-to-date with fresh content and that the product or service offered on the site is delivered to a wide audience.

Web developers create, design and maintain optimal sites; and we (content marketers) populate the site with articles that attract a target audience and promote the core offerings to potential customers. When these two roles come together, a website benefits from improved usability, improved search engine rankings, relevant content and an engaged audience. 

How content marketers can support web developers

Web developers have the knowledge and skill to create functional websites. By teaming up with an experienced content marketing team, like us, the website’s search engine rankings and reach will improve drastically. As content marketers, we can integrate ourselves into your web development team and handle client interactions and website content on your behalf.

Content and web design/development are an inseparable part of user experience. The two fields can support one another and help a website grow in the ever-expanding online sphere. By partnering with content marketers, web developers can add article-based search engine optimisation (SEO), social media management and feedback reporting to their list of offerings.

The importance of having the right marketing team

Content is such an important part of websites but it does not always get the attention that it deserves. Too often, the task of writing is delegated to someone who is not a professional writer, which can cause project delays and a poor conversion rate. 

A great web design and development team needs to have someone spearheading content creation. We have experience in strategy, as well as in writing web content, educational marketing copy and persuasive conversion text. This ensures that your core offerings are communicated clearly and are directed to your target audience.

Combining web development with content marketing allows ideas to be shared effectively with an audience, via a well designed and fully-functioning website. Web developers can work alongside content creators, like us, to produce fresh, unique and engaging websites on behalf of a brand or client.

How to integrate content marketing with web development 

If you have content marketing and web development teams at your disposal, combining their expertise and resources will benefit your business. Start by identifying the strengths of your team members – content marketers will know a lot about SEO and writing whereas web developers will know about coding and design.

Next, the two teams need to work together to ensure that the website runs properly and is constantly up to date with relevant information. This ensures that users have the best possible experience when interacting with a website. The two teams need to constantly communicate with one another. They need to be on the ball with the latest developments and industry news so that the site remains modern and exciting.

The two practices may differ but they can work like a well-oiled machine when combined properly. Speak to us about starting a partnership with your web development team. We are experts in the content marketing field and can help your website grow by building an engaged audience.


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