What are bulk bags and how can your business benefit from them?

Many industries face a dilemma when it comes to packaging and transporting large volumes of their products. This is especially true when the product is in granular form or irregularly-shaped. Simple crates and boxes do not meet their needs and they can be restrictive. The solution lies in bulk bags.

These are highly-customisable bags made from woven polypropylene that can carry loads of up to two tonnes. They can be tailor-made in a variety of shapes, sizes and with any load-bearing capacity required (up to this two tonne limit). The bags are often handmade for extra strength and durability, which makes them ideal for holding bulk products such as mining ore, fertiliser, grains, sand, powders and chemicals.

There are numerous bulk bag manufacturers around the world, but the best are located in South Africa and India as these countries offer amazing value for world-class strength and safety. The bulk bags manufactured in these two countries often have a 5:1 safety factor, meaning they can hold up to five times more load than intended. When choosing a bulk bag supplier, be sure to ask about their safety rating and factor this into the cost.

Benefits of bulk bags over other packs

There are a number of reasons why bulk bags may be beneficial to your business. These include the following:

  • Cost-effective – Bulk bags can be cheaper than wood or metal containers, without compromising on quality.
  • Safe – These bags are manufactured to strict standards of safety and load-bearing, which means that they can handle large masses safely.
  • Eco-friendly – While they are made from plastic, the woven polypropylene is actually recycled into new material from offcuts and rejected bags. This makes bulk bags sustainable and reusable products.
  • Customisable – The sizing options are plentiful and completely customisable; bulk bags are manufactured to suit your specific needs.
  • Cheap to transport – Empty bulk bags are folded and packed in such a way that they take up a small volume of space. This lowers the cost of shipping and delivery. Once needed, they are opened out and filled with your product.
  • Ease of filling – Bulk bags can be completely open at the top, making them quick and easy to fill. Their square shape also allows them to be stored neatly once full, minimising transport and storage space once again.

If your business produces or transports materials and products in bulk, consider using bulk bags for storage. The above benefits highlight why these flexible containers are a noteworthy option. They offer strength, durability, recyclability and customisability to companies that are looking for high volume packaging solutions.

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Written by Joshua Oates

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