What to do when your child has a cold

When your child is sneezing, coughing, and dealing with a very runny nose (even though it’s clear that all they have is a common cold), you still want to do everything in your power as a parent to help them feel better as soon as possible.

It’s best that you and your child are tested in order to rule it out other illnesses and set your mind at ease. Here are ways to take care of your child when they have a cold.

How to treat the symptoms

We recommended that your child see a doctor as soon as possible to ensure that you are able to give them the best possible care with the right medications. Note that if your child is under three months and has a temperature of over 38 degrees, they should be seen by a doctor immediately.

Children are more prone than adults to develop a fever when they have a cold, which is considered to be a temperature of 38 degrees or above. A lukewarm bath may be beneficial for lowering a child’s temperature. Calpol or Nurofen may be recommended by a pharmacist or doctor to treat the fever. They will make sure you give the appropriate dose for your child’s age and weight. Aspirin should never be given to a child or an infant.

An allergy medicine, like Allergex, under the supervision of a healthcare professional, helps to clear congestion and get the nasal mucus flowing. Another remedy to help alleviate congestion is to add an additional pillow to elevate your child’s head while they sleep.

Boost your child’s immune system with Zinplex Junior Syrup as it contains Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin C. Be sure to follow the directions for use or as prescribed by your doctor. Zinplex Junior Syrup is also great for the prevention of common colds or flu, especially for kids that attend daycare or school. 

Keep your child hydrated

When it comes to recovering from a cold, it’s essential to stay hydrated. Water should always take precedence, so limit fruit juices and avoid soda. It’s also important to give your child small nutritious meals throughout the day. When a child has diarrhea or isn’t eating well, electrolyte drinks like Rehidrat can help replace lost nutrients.

Babies under six months should only consume breastmilk or formula; water does not supply the nutrients required for growth and development. To prevent dehydration, give extra milk or formula than normal. Extra breastmilk or formula can also be given to a baby who is eating solid foods.

Plenty of sleep and rest

A quick recovery from a cold requires sleep and rest. Ensure that your child gets enough of both. You don’t have to limit activity entirely, but try to increase naps as well as extra quiet and cuddle time.

Please note: This information is not a real substitute for professional medical care and should not be used to diagnose, treat, or prevent any illnesses. It is purely for informational purposes only.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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