What to do when your content fails

Sometimes content rollouts don’t go according to plan – you don’t get the traffic that you anticipated and the content falls flat on social media. This does not signal the end of your strategy or the need to keep producing regular articles.

There are a few smart ways to revive your strategy and give your content a second chance at succeeding. These tactics will help you get back on course with your content marketing strategy and reach your goals in the end.

Reassess your outreach and distribution channels

Having other websites share your content is a key step to a successful campaign. At the beginning of the content rollout, did you contact the right distribution channels, blogs and online news agencies?

You may have contacted news websites that are too big, such as News24, or you may have tried sites that are far too small. You need to target blogs and sites with similar interests to yours and that are just niche enough to want to share your content.

Research is critical and building relationships with these types of websites is important for future success. Get to know the creators behind other blogs, the journalists at your preferred news agency and the writers at other websites – knowing them personally will definitely increase your chances of having your content shared on their platforms.

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Have a proper hook

What is unique about your content that the audience won’t be able to find anywhere else? This is your hook, your perspective, your angle. You need to be able to define this in one sentence as this is most likely your core offering. It needs to be communicated clearly to your outreach partners and audience.

Try to link your hook to an actual problem that exists in the world; a problem that you are trying to solve through your content. This will make your content more appealing to readers. Bonus points if you can turn your hook into a story that will encourage the audience to click through to your website.

Create a package

When trying to resuscitate a content campaign, one of the easiest ways to do so is to create a package. This means providing your distribution partners with everything they need to share the content quickly and easily.

Send the writers and journalists logos, high-resolution images, a press release; essentially create a press pack that they can use to make their jobs easier and quicker. Include quotes from experts and third-parties, and provide the source of your data so that the journalists can check the facts quickly.

If they need to write articles based on your content, and link back to your website, they’ll need everything on a shared Google Drive beforehand.

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Establish a network of key players

This ties into the first point around establishing relationships with bloggers, journalists and influencers. If you can build a strong network of creators that can share and rehash your content, you’ll boost the traffic to your website when their content rolls-out.

Ask for their opinions and advice – what is the best angle to take, when is the best time to launch the content, etc.? These people should be experts in their field and know what is the best way forward for your content.

Timing your content launch

Once you’ve gathered opinions from your network on when is the best time to publish your content, plan the launch properly. Check your local calendar or Google for awareness days that might be relevant to your content, and launch on these days. This maximises the shareability and effectiveness of your articles.

Keep in mind world events that have taken place on the day of your launch as these may steal the limelight or actually boost your content. Try to remold your content to fit special days such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

You can maximise the relevance of your content by taking advantage of these sorts of days and events. Make sure you have the right hook and a solid distribution network to help you share your content to a wider audience. These tips should help you to breathe some life back into a failed content campaign.


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