What’s the difference between cyber security and information security?

Cyber security and information security both relate to the security of computer systems and networks. However, there are certain key differences and understanding these will help to inform better decisions, especially when it comes to choosing the best option to protect digital infrastructures and important information. 

Protecting yourself online is highly important since one’s personal data footprint is scattered all over their devices. The internet is very unsecure, especially with sensitive information that can be accessed by anyone who knows the means to do so. Experts say that no data is ever 100% secure, as is the same with a padlock on your door or your electric fence. However, we can take steps to improve our online security. 

Internet service providers can ensure that measures are in place for your devices to be protected, should a digital disaster occur. Here are a few key differences between cybersecurity and information security. 

difference between cyber security and information security

What is cyber security?

Cyber security relates to the protection of networks, devices and servers from cyber attacks. All of our digital devices can be hacked and tampered with by cyber criminals. There are many reasons why cyber criminals would want to get into our devices. They may want to access our personal information, like our bank account details, or they can also use personal information to blackmail individuals or companies for money. 

High-end cyber criminals may have even bigger motives, such as creating political attacks using computer systems to rally support or even rig small elections that are conducted online. Cyber terrorists are a huge threat to society and can instill fear into any individual who has online confidential information that can be used against them. 

What is information security?

Information security is a part of cyber security that keeps our personal information and data secure. When data is being transmitted or stored online, it is vulnerable to attacks or interception. 

Consider the ramifications of your banking information being compromised or your company’s intellectual property being stolen. Information security refers to the protection of highly valuable or confidential information, which can have devastating consequences for victims if it falls into the wrong hands.

difference between cyber security and information security

What can you do to protect your devices?

Individuals and companies should protect their information by regularly updating operating systems and software to ensure that the risk of an attack is minimised. Firewalls should also be used to improve internet browsing safety.  Important documents need to be backed up on a secure platform to ensure that information can be accessed, should something happen. 

Cyber security and information security are the most important protective infrastructure for digital information. When used together, they will ensure that any malicious activity will be detected and that your personal information will be secure online.


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