Why a local FIBC manufacturer will benefit your business

When looking for a bulk bag manufacturer or supplier, it’s essential to factor in location. Local manufacturers can provide advantages over international suppliers, such as lower bulk bag prices, faster delivery times and better communication. Here are two ways in which a local flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) manufacturer will benefit your business.

Reliable delivery schedules

Almost all international shipments are subject to delays and red tape. Choosing a local supplier, on the other hand, will help to improve delivery times by reducing the distances that the finished products must travel. Unexpected delivery delays are expensive and inconvenient, especially when you need to contact a global supplier for assistance. It’s easier to contact a local supplier and track the shipment when it’s coming from a nearby town.

Furthermore, using a local supplier will result in lower logistics-related carbon dioxide emissions. You’ll not only benefit your company, but you’ll also help to preserve the environment. Downtime is never a good thing, so look for a local bulk bag manufacturer to avoid it.

Improved communications

When it comes to supply chains, communication is crucial. A local bulk bag provider ensures that there is no language barrier and that communication is simple. It also eliminates the risk of time zone and work hour differences. Having a local supplier allows you to call or email them during business hours, which improves the customer support experience and reduces the time it takes to find a resolution if necessary.

Local is lekker

When you work with a FIBC supplier in your own country, you’re more likely to receive high-quality products and services. Find a supplier that aligns itself with international regulations on manufacturing quality. Ask if they have any ISO accreditations and similar certifications. 

Bulk bags are a vital product for many industries across the globe, from mining and construction to farming and chemicals. A trustworthy partnership with a local FIBC supplier will improve the efficiency of your operations and reduce associated costs, without compromising on quality.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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