Why it is important to maintain outdoor concrete

Although concrete is a highly durable and long-lasting building material, it still needs to be maintained. People often forget to look after their outdoor concrete structures, especially paths, driveways, floors and pavements. It is vital to maintain concrete in order to prolong its life and keep it strong.

It will also help to keep your outdoor concrete surfaces looking clean, new, free from stains and cracks. Proper maintenance of concrete will protect your investment and save you having to pay for repair costs years down the line. Concrete that is situated outside will need more attention over time.

These structures are exposed to the weather. Harsh sunlight, rainstorms, hail, high temperatures during summer days and cold temperatures during winter nights – these are some of the elements that your outdoor concrete has to endure. Regular maintenance is easy, cheap and will keep these structures in top shape.

How to maintain outdoor concrete

Concrete maintenance is easy and quick. It can save you a lot of time and money by looking after your outside concrete paths and driveways, rather than letting them deteriorate. These maintenance jobs should be performed once a year, at the very least, or every few months.

  • Clean your outdoor concrete surfaces – You need to clean your outdoor concrete surfaces at least once a year. Sweep off any sand, soil, dust and leaves. Then, spray the surface with a hose to loosen any tough dirt.
  • Repair any cracks in the concrete – You should repair any cracks you see as soon as possible. This will maintain the structural integrity of the concrete structure. It will also prevent moisture damage from any water seeping into the concrete through the cracks. If you repair cracks while they are small, it will save you having to replace the entire concrete surface at a later stage when the cracks become too big.
  • Seal outdoor concrete surfaces – Sealing concrete has many advantages, such as creating extra protection and improving the appearance of the structure. Sealing concrete will minimise water damage and protect joints from moisture. It will also make the surface easier to clean and prevent weeds from growing through cracks. Sealant is an effective scratch and abrasion protector and will make outdoor concrete more resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun.

These basic maintenance jobs can be completed within minutes or hours. They will keep your outdoor concrete structures in top shape and extend their life by years. It is important to look after your concrete surfaces as they are an investment that benefits your home.


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