Why safety is a major concern during pest control

In the serious process of eliminating pests, safety always comes first. No shortcuts or do-it-yourself jobs should be considered as the consequences of mistakes can have a very real impact. All safety precautions, equipment and clothing must be rigorously adhered to when dealing with various chemicals for pest control.

At IWESCO – a South African pest control service and contract cleaning company, safety comes first. They offer long-lasting pest control services and are equipped with the expertise and equipment necessary to handle a wide range of problems. Their teams are well-trained in safety protocols and know how to get results without compromising your home or place of business.

Choose an accredited pest control service

In South Africa, instances of improperly performed fumigation and pest control have resulted in illnesses and even fatalities. Make sure the pest control service you choose is accredited and able to provide evidence of their expertise. Certifications, such as ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental responsibility, will offer proof that the company adheres to international standards.

Additionally, ask your fumigation service provider if they perform a safety, health, environment, and quality (SHEQ) check for each job. This process will outline all of their processes and ensure that pest control experts adhere to all national and international standards for safety and quality.

Minimising safety concerns during pest control

Fumigation and other pest eradication methods present certain safety concerns, so care must be taken with precautions and preventative measures. An expert service provider must take every precaution to minimise these concerns by implementing various protocols. 

Making sure the technicians are properly trained, the equipment is in good working order, and that there is enough time to complete the process safely is the first step. A job that is completed in a hurry can lead to mistakes such as incorrect chemical dosing or application, or just a general lack of care. 

The process of pest control cannot be rushed or sped up in any way. Before, during and after a job, IWESCO’s team will make sure that all checks are in place to keep you safe and assure the safety of your home, garden or workplace.

IWESCO implements a hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) system for each job in addition to a SHEQ file. This international system is used to minimise physical, chemical and biological hazards to both customers and employees. 

Aftercare is important

After a job is finished, safety doesn’t stop. The building still has to be ventilated and any residue or chemicals that were left behind need to be thoroughly cleaned up. These aftercare processes are critical for pest control service providers, who have a responsibility to customers for their health.

Do your online research before choosing a pest control service. This could save your life – as dramatic as it sounds, pest eradication is a serious task that requires the utmost attention to detail and aftercare. 


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Written by Taryn Hill

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