Content marketing tips for new businesses

Looking to dive into the world of content marketing? Here’s some advice

Content marketing tips for new businesses

Content marketing is an effective tool when it comes to launching a new product or business. We create content for our clients to drive searches online which generates traffic to their sites. In turn, this traffic becomes potential customers that drive sales.

Unique content differentiates your business from that of your competitors, and so the premise of successful content marketing lies in creating original ideas and articles that attract an audience. Content can also be anything that adds value to your brand, so you want to make it accessible to anyone who might need it.

Here are a few tips for new businesses looking to begin their content marketing rollout:

  • Begin the process of building a social media following as soon as possible. It takes at least a year to gain a strong audience, so the sooner you start, the better.
  • You are an expert in your field and enforce this by sharing unique content. This will build a great reputation for your business and will make promoting future products easier.
  • Use your social media platforms and website to leverage your offerings. Chances are, other websites and social media channels will pick up on your content and start sharing it too.
  • Know what social media to utilise and which channels you can ignore – not all social media is equal and the bulk of your followers are likely to come from one or two channels.
  • Get feedback from your followers and listen to their suggestions. This will help you improve your offerings while building a better relationship with potential customers. Some people with extensive knowledge in your field of expertise may offer a few words of wisdom in the comments, so keep an eye out for useful tips.
  • Engaging in dialogue with your followers makes them feel more invested in your brand and allows them to relate to your business on a more personal level. It is cheaper to retain a customer than to find new ones.
  • Remember, quality always beats quantity when it comes to your content output. Rather upload a few well-researched and thoughtful articles per week than multiple short, uninspired pieces every day.
  • Simply publishing content on your site is not good enough anymore. You need to provide a unique perspective on the topic to differentiate your work from everything else.
  • Know your audience and speak to the right sources – getting input from a European website about a South African issue is no use to your readers.
  • Instead of blatantly punting your products or services on your website and social media channels, rather develop content around themes and issues that your business can help to solve.
  • Have a solid style guide that provides a framework for the voice and consistency of each article.
  • Give writers the freedom to be creative but have a good editor who will guide them in the right direction.
  • If a visual piece of content such as an infographic or video needs prior explanation, then it probably isn’t too good.
  • Visual content needs to enhance the story being told, so don’t choose random stock images or graphics that add no value to the conversation.
  • Don’t publish content that you think is weak – be assertive and decisive as you need to build a reputation based on quality content.
  • Sometimes it pays to pay. Spending a little bit of money to boost your content on social media can be a successful strategy.
  • Play to your strengths and learn from your failures – you’ll find that your audience responds better to certain types of content so recognise this and use it more often going forward.

The world of content marketing separates itself from one-way advertising and opens up a line of communication and engagement from your target market. That is why a good content marketing strategy can be a great technique for startups and businesses looking to launch a new product.

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