Ways to save money on your car insurance

When owning a car, having car insurance may add a considerable sum to your overall monthly expenses. However, it’s something that will really save you in the long run, should you find yourself in a major accident.

Comprehensive car insurance will also cover you for any minor accidental damage and will have the added benefit of allowing you to drive with peace of mind. Here are five ways for you to save on your car insurance premiums while still ensuring that you get the best cover possible.

Choose your car wisely

Ideally, you should research car insurance prices before you even choose what type of car to buy, as the cost of car insurance is highly dependent on what kind of car you have. Your premiums will be calculated based on how much the car costs, how much it costs to repair, how safe and reliable it is and how likely it is to be stolen.

Choosing a flashy sports car may be tempting but you’re always going to better off in a car that has a good safety record.

Compare quotes

To get the best deal on car insurance, it’s vital that you shop around and compare quotes from various companies. It’s best to narrow down your search to reputable, well-known companies. Keep in mind that the company you go with has to be reliable if things go wrong.

It’s also important to make sure you are comparing policies with the same coverage. A policy that may seem cheap in the short run may not be providing you with enough cover, should you need to claim in the future.

Make sure to do your research and ask friends and family members for their advice and what company they recommend.

Practice safe driving

Having a good driving history goes a long way in determining how much you end up paying for car insurance. Your rate will obviously be higher if you are deemed to be a risky driver who gets into frequent accidents or gets tickets for moving violations such as speeding and running red lights.

To be a safe, responsible driver, you should always stay within the speed limit, never drink and drive, and avoid distractions while driving – such as texting, making phone calls or fiddling around with your car radio. You should also make sure that you are always wide awake when driving so that you are alert. Taking a defensive driving course is always a good idea when it comes to keeping you and others safe while driving.

Keep your car safe

One of the best ways to get a better quote on car insurance is to ensure that your car is fitted with security devices such as an alarm, immobiliser and tracking device.

Your car insurance company will also look at where you park your car, how safe it is and whether you are parking on the street or inside a locked garage. Parking your car in a garage overnight can significantly cut your premium costs.

Get third party only car insurance

The minimum amount of cover you can choose is third party only insurance, so you may want to consider going for this option if you really can’t afford comprehensive car insurance. With third party insurance, you still have the peace of mind knowing that if you do get into an accident, any damage caused to other vehicles will be covered if you are at fault.

While third party insurance does not cover the damage done to your vehicle, if the accident wasn’t your fault you can claim against the other driver’s insurance.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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